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  • 15 inch explosion proof industrial monitor
  • 15 inch explosion proof industrial monitor
  • 15 inch explosion proof industrial monitor

15 inch explosion proof industrial monitor

Quick Details:

Panel size15"Resolution1024*768
Aspect ratio4:3InterfaceHDMI
Brightness500 nitsContrast1000:1
MountingBracketsIP GradeIP65

Enhancing Industrial Efficiency with the 15-Inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor


At Shenzhen Shinho Electronic Technology Co., Limited, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the industrial sector by providing cutting-edge technology solutions that optimize efficiency and safety. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor, designed specifically for hazardous environments. With its advanced capabilities and robust construction, this industrial monitor offers unmatched performance, ensuring enhanced productivity and utmost safety.


1. Robust and durable stainless steel enclosure, sealing design, Explosion-proof and waterproof, Sealed I/O with cable set included.

2. 15'' Industrial LCD panel.

3. Wide temperature range: operating: -20 to 70°C, storage: -30 to 80°C.

4. High performance mainboard, 7x24 continuous operation.

5. Wide voltage support: 9V-36V.


Model: SL15
LCD panel
Panel size15"
Aspect ratio4:3
Support Color16.7M colors
Brightness (cd/m²)500 cd/m²
Contrast ratio1000:1
View angle80°/80°/80°/80° (R/L/U/D)
Signal Ports
Audio in/outoptional
OSD in the front bezel
OSD controlBrightness, contrast ratio, auto adjustment, H/V position, language select, etc.
Support languagesEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
Support OSWindows XP, Windows /7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, ect.
Power Supply
External Power SupplyAC 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz
Working voltage9V-36V
Power consumption≤35W
MaterialStainless steel
VESA mounting100x100mm
IP gradeFull IP65 waterproof
Operating Environment
Temperature Rangeoperating: -20 to 70°C, storage: -30 to 80°C
Relative humidityoperating: 10% to 90%, storage: 5% to 90%
MountingVESA mounting
embedded mounting screws (optional)
desk stand holder (optional)
Warranty1 year warranty
CertificatesCE, FCC, RoHS

Unveiling the 15-Inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor

1. Durability and Safety

Safety is paramount in industrial environments, especially those with potentially explosive atmospheres. Our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor is meticulously engineered to meet stringent safety standards and minimize any potential risks. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations, making it highly durable and reliable even in the harshest conditions.

2. Hazardous Area Certification

Certified for use in hazardous locations, the 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor complies with international standards, such as ATEX and IECEx. This certification ensures that our monitor is suitable for industries such as oil and gas, chemical plants, and mining, where flammable gases, vapors, or combustible dust may be present. By choosing our certified monitor, you can ensure compliance and peace of mind.

3. Superior Display Quality

Equipped with a high-resolution display, the 15-inch Industrial Monitor delivers exceptional image clarity and vibrant colors, enabling operators to visualize critical data with precision. The monitor's capacitive touch technology allows for effortless interaction, ensuring seamless user experience and intuitive operation.

4. Customization Options

We understand that every industrial environment has unique requirements. Hence, our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor offers a range of customization options to cater to diverse needs. From adjustable brightness levels to various mounting options, we provide flexibility to tailor the monitor to your specific application, enabling seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

5. Connectivity and Compatibility

The 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor is designed to facilitate seamless connectivity with other industrial equipment and systems. With multiple ports and interfaces, including VGA, DVI, USB, and RS-232, integration with your industrial control systems becomes effortless. Our monitor is also compatible with leading software applications, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Applications of the 15-Inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor

The versatility of our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor makes it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some key applications where our monitor excels:

1. Oil and Gas Industry

In oil refineries, offshore platforms, and petrochemical plants, where volatile substances are present, safety and reliability are of utmost importance. Our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor provides real-time data visualization, enabling operators to monitor critical processes and make informed decisions with confidence.

2. Chemical Plants

Chemical manufacturing facilities require robust equipment that can withstand corrosive environments and ensure uninterrupted operation. Our industrial monitor offers excellent resistance to chemicals and hazardous substances, making it an ideal choice for these demanding applications.

3. Mining Operations

Mining sites often present challenging conditions that demand rugged and durable equipment. The 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor excels in such environments, providing clear visibility and reliable performance, enabling efficient monitoring of mining processes and enhancing overall productivity.

4. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require precise control and monitoring to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards. Our industrial monitor offers exceptional accuracy and reliability, allowing operators to closely monitor critical parameters and maintain optimal production conditions.


With our 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor, we provide a game-changing solution that empowers industries to optimize efficiency and safety in hazardous environments. Its durable construction, safety certifications, superior display quality, customization options, and seamless connectivity make it the ultimate choice for various industrial applications.

Embrace the power of advanced technology and elevate your industrial operations with the 15-inch Explosion-Proof Industrial Monitor from Shenzhen Shinho. Reach out to our team today to discuss how our innovative monitor can transform your workplace and take your productivity to new heights.


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