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Sihovision has various types of Industrial Touch Screen Computers for you to choose from, with various advanced functions and waterproof functions, higher sensitivity, and faster response speed. Please feel free to contact us for purchase.

Industrial Touch Screen Computer Advantages

Our industrial computers use aluminum alloy brushed metal technology and seamless design, so they can achieve good waterproof effects.

The use of multi-point PACP touch screen makes our industrial computers more sensitive and responsive.

There are various installation methods, you can choose embedded, wall, desktop, etc.


Our industrial computers support OEM/ODM small orders or mass customization, and we have more than 8 years of experience in this industry, ensuring that we can customize industrial computers that meet your requirements.

We provide you with complete after-sales service. If there are products that cannot be repaired, we will replace them with new ones for free. If the purchase quantity is large, we will provide you with spare equipment for replacement at any time.

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